Upcoming Events

Our events provide a forum for librarians to discuss intellectual freedom issues, share resources, and develop strategies to protect patrons’ rights to access diverse materials. Collaboration and advocacy ensure libraries remain safe spaces for open inquiry and free expression.

Upcoming Events

Statewide events are a great way to tap into a network of peers for support and to discuss critical censorship issues facing libraries, library staff and communities.

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Intellectual Freedom Support Group

Are you scared of challenges at your library? Have the culture wars taken the joy out of your work? Do you feel like you are being attacked for your materials or programs? If you would like to talk and need some support for your library intellectual freedom work then the New York Library Association is here for you. NYLA will be offering a monthly support group for library workers who are feeling the pressure of standing fast for others’ reading rights.

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Free For All: New Yorkers for Intellectual Freedom is dedicated to ensuring library workers and librarians are supported and prepared for any intellectual freedom challenges they may experience.

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*These numbers are from the American Library Association in their 2023 National Report